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JamPol Protective Services Inc.

We understand that the security of your property is of the highest priority and that’s why We work closely with our clients to customize and develop effective security strategies to provide your peace of mind. We also assist in developing Emergency Procedures and appropriate emergency evacuation drills by helping to organize your staff to become more vigilant in identifying emergencies and workplace violence.
Our security guard agency number is License. No B2800205.

JamPol Protective Services provides a host of service to the areas of Fort Lauderdale: roving patrol services; armed/ unarmed security or personal bodyguards; residential or commercial security, special event security, uniformed security officers; crime scene investigation and more.

We look forward to assessing your needs and providing you with a reasonable priced package. This is the first step in establishing long term client relationship.

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Services offered by:
JamPol Protective Services Inc.

Security Guard Services & Patrols

We specialize in executive Protection, Close Protection, Bodyguards, asset protection and specialist security services. 

Background Verification Services

We provide background verification and fingerprinting services for your clients, employees and potential new home owner within your residential complex/development to ensure the safety of your staff and current home owners.


Mobile Fingerprinting Services

Providing mobile fingerprint services for your convenience, we will attend your facilities to fingerprint your employees at a reasonable rate

Consultation Services - Emergency Procedures - Evacuation Plans & Drills

We work closely with our clients to customize and develop effective security strategies to not only protect its clients/residents but its employees. We also assist in developing and excuting trial Emergency Procedures and appropriate emergency Evacuation drills.

Residential and Commercial Security

With the ever-increasing level of violence used in crime such as robbery, racist intimidation many individuals no longer feel safe within the confines of their homes and workplace. Jampol Protective Services Inc. can provide individuals or dedicated security teams for the protection of clients and their families at various locations, such as family residences, corporate offices and hotel accommodation while traveling.

Asset Protection & Escort Services

Whether you are transporting jewelry, antiques, computer chips or sensitive corporate documents they are all targeted by an ever expanding and sophisticated criminal element. Jampol Protective Services Inc. consultant offers an insured overt and covert protection during their transportation in Florida.

Executive Protection

We provide armed or unarmed services for CEOs, professional athletes, VIPs, celebrities and other individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their employment association or geographical location.

Additonal Services


Background Verification Services

Through our affiliate company, JamPol Investigation Agency Inc. (Agency#: A1000073), an authorized vendor of FDLE, FBI and AHCA. We are authorized providers in background verification and fingerprinting services. Our Clients relied on us providing them with comprehensive Criminal background check, UCC Filing Search, Corporate filing search, Business Search, Professional Licenses Search, Drivers licenses Search, Weapon permit Search, Civil Court Searches, Sexual Offender Search, Eviction Searches, Lien and Judgement Searches, Full arrest and incarceration searches, Reverse Phone Search, Advance Phone Search, all these we make easy for our Clients to ensure that they select the best personnel for their establishment.

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Fingerprinting Services

Jampol Protective Services have been in the business of providing fingerprinting services since the inception of our organization in 2008, we are listed amongst a few of the organizations providing Latent fingerprinting, Ink Fingerprinting and digital fingerprinting Services. We are authorized Service provider through FDLE/FBI, and NATA, providing Level2 fingerprinting services to the following agencies, TSA personnel which includes Pilots, Air Hostesses, Student Pilots and airport maintenances services personnel etc.
AHCA, Board of nursing, Medicaid providers, Physician/Medical Doctors, Manage care, Board of Pharmacy, Department of Financial Services, “DBPR” Department of Business and Professional Regulations, Financial Guardianship, VEHS, Talent Agents, Vocational Rehabilitation, Department of Juvenile Justice, Wire Transfer Agents. Department of Children and families, Department of Agriculture Division of Licensing. We are among the few organizations that provide hard card scan for out of state customers.
We provide mobile fingerprinting services for our Clients convenience at reasonable rates, we will come to your facilities and fingerprint your employees and executives in the comfort of their offices. 


We look forward to working with you, give us a call or send us an email to set up an appointment. 

Some of our clients we have proudly provided services to:


Our Core Values

Our Company's President has 20yrs of Law Enforcement experince with training in the field of S.W.A.T., Criminal Investigation, Crime Scene Investigation and photography.

Our Core Values

Our Clients are valued to us and as a result we adopt the common values of: Providing timely feedback and communicate with clarity and facts.:- We respond to questions as soon as the appropriate information is collected and not look for or assume motives beyond those stated by others. Commitment:- We demonstrate personal commitment to continuous learning and upgrading our skills and accept responsibility to continuous improvement.- Together We Aspire, We Achieve

Mission Statement

We view ourselves as partners with our clients, our community and our environment. Each of our personnel plays a key role in our relationships with our clientele, neighboring communities and also our development. Therefore we hold our personnel accountable for providing the highest level of service and professionalism, along with adhering to the stringent requirement of regulatory standard. To maintain this level of expectation we recognize, encourage, and reward our personnel for their excellence in service.

Our Contacts


Office:  (954) 404-7262
Mobile: (954) 534-0683

Working Hours:

Mon. - Fri. 9am-5pm

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