Choosing the rights Security Company or Investigation Agency is crucial. That choice should be undertaken very carefully. We pride ourselves in providing quality services at reasonable rates; you can rest assured that we will work diligently for you.



We offer reasonable rates for investigators will provide a comprehensive report and video evidence or support your case.

We may be contacted at Office: 305308874 or 9542847106 Cell: 3053080974


JAMPOL INVESTIGATION AGENCY (J.I.A.) offers the following Private Investigative Services:

We do photographic documentations of injuries (re-assaults, domestic disputes, accidents, property damages etc. Fingerprinting processing of scenes that have been vandalized or burglarized.

  • Background checks - Our detailed background checks includes: Litigation support, assets search, recorded statements, court records, employee theft investigations, missing persons.

Our precious law enforcement experiences allowed us to effectively interview witnesses and assist Prosecutor/Defense Attorneys in their trial preparations.
Employee Training At JamPol Protective Services Inc. each employee obtaines continued practical and Theory training in security concepts, First Aid, self Defense techniques, Investigative techniques, Observations, Customer Services, Loss Prevention Techniques, Report writing, Case file preparation etc.- Together We Aspire, We Achieve
Company's Mission We view ourselves as partners with our clients, our community and our environment. Each of our personnel plays a key role in our relationships with our clientele, neighboring communities and also our development. Therefore we hold our personnel accountable for providing the highest level of service and professionalism, along with adhering to the stringent requirement of regulatory standard. To maintain this level of expectation we recognize, encourage, and reward our personnel for their excellence in service.- Learn More
Our Core Values Our Clients are valued to us and as a result we adopt the common values of: Providing timely feedback and communicate with clarity and facts.:- We respond to questions as soon as the appropriate information is collected and not look for or assume motives beyond those stated by others. Commitment:- We demonstrate personal commitment to continuous learning and upgrading our skills and accept responsibility to continuous improvement. - Together We Aspire, We Achieve